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Gold Digger Color Remix Issue 2

Gold Digger Color Remix Issue 2
Hitchhikers Guide To The Lost Cities Part 2

Synopsis :
The Diggers sisters  and Ace  have  joined forces with  Penny pincer ..err Pinser  to deal with  the evil magician's weapons cache in Atlantis.
But everything is not  as it seems  and  the magician has a  few surprises up his sleeve. 
A very ugly one at  that. 
In the mean  time  Cheetah changes in to her human form. ( Shrimp !  )  
A bunch of weirdo mercs show up,  and they seem to have it  in for  everybody !
Gina somehow ends up in  the Himalaya's in a  bathing suit.

And continued  !

Credits :
Story and Art, Fred Perry. 
Colors, GuruFX.

Notes :

This issue is 34 pages as well.
The mini series  is  NOT  part of the  free  Gold Digger  archive. 
This  issue was  $ 2,99  in  Feb  2006. 
This Mini Series  was re released in 2006  to celebrate 15  years of Gold Digger

Inside cover blurb : It's the principle of the matter. It disrupted my already stagnant flow.

Review :

Well it had to happen  sooner or later  hadn't it ?  With a title like that, we go and visit  Atlantis. 
Atlantis  isn't exactly my favorite hidden, sunken or disappeared civilisation.
Mostly because its so overdone, it has become a cliché unto it self.  ( So is El Dorado, but not to the extent  that Atlantis has become. ) 
Even back in  1991  this was a cliché 
And every  syndicated cartoon had a go at Atlantis. Transformers  had  one  at least,
but going underwater explains away why everybody is  wearing even less then  usual. 


But this  issue isn't a complete bomb, it deals with the fallout of  issue 1 and the reason for going to Atlantis is a sound one. 
Dealing with  the evil magician's Gyphon's weapons  cache. 
And we  get a  callback to an adventure we haven't even seen,  when Tark mentions that   Gina and Brittany, saved him and Mesha, from the clutches of Dreadwing.
Keep that name in mind, we will be hearing it a lot  as time goes by. 

We also get  another look at Brittany and Gina's somewhat adversarial relationship and Gina gets a zinger in there, which I think is hilarious. 
Brittany  also reverts to her human form, with an arbitrary  24 hour  limit. 
And well she looks better  in  her hybrid cheetah  form, or maybe i am just used to it.  

The rest of the issue is somewhat perfunctory introducing  a bunch of weirdo mercs who seem to have it in for Ace and have an even weirder speech pattern. 
And dealing  with  one of  Gyphon's spies. 
For all of  3 pages, yeah that spy wasn't much  of  problem. More like a time waster. 
In fact, most of this issue  feels like its in a hurry. 
Lots of conflicts and ideas are thrown at the wall and most are barely dealt with a page later.
Gyphon appears and is dealt with insultingly easy before he escapes again, with his deus ex machina. 
But it ends on a  hell of a cliffhanger with Gina teleported in to the himalaya's  dressed in clothes suited for Atlantis, not sub zero temperatures.  

Issue 2 is  still a  good  action adventure comic with  lots of action  and err adventure, but it also comes off as kinda  rushed. 
Dryanna (  the spy) is  dealt with insultingly  easy and  the  weirdo mercs  are just there to waste time and pages, which both could have been used to set up the  conflicts in Atlantis and deal with Gyphon in a more satisfactionary matter. 
But the issue  also drops a  lot more world building,  introduces  more characters and sets up more plot points and feels like issue 42  in an on going. 
It's just that i'ts a step down from issue  1  and this mini series should have been a  6 parter instead of a 4 parter, considering all the ideas and the manic  pace  that are thrown at  the reader.
But all in all it's still a good comic  with  great art. 

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