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I Hate Fairlyland 3 Review

I Hate Fairlyland  3

The faun of the dead are soon  returned to  just being dead, but just to make sure they don't undead again,  the village is  set on  fire.
Just to be sure, not to look cool or anything. 

Cloudia, takes this  quite well, with incredulous murderous intention that is and she decides to  go to extreme measures. Invoke the council  !
Said council  agrees  to  do the unthinkable  !!
No, not that  !
Invite another  child in to Fairyland  ! 
Which will lift  the  invocation that makes Gertrude invincible  and turns her in to a resident.
And residents can  be hurt and killed. 

Meanwhile Gertrude falls down a  ravine,  lies in a  coma for a year. While Larry builds  a  house, raises a family  and gets divorced  before  Gertrude wakes up in time to come face to face with the new child  !
Things go downhill from there.  

Artist\writer : Skottie Young
Colors : Jean Francious Beaulieu
Letters : Nate Piekos

Notes : I have the Fuck Fairyland cover again. 

Review :

Oh, fluffing hell, look who is back Gertrude and Larry !
Issue 3 is  here !
And as usual, I have the Fuck Fairyland, variation cover.
I might as well call this series, Fuck Fairyland, now. (  Apparently the series was supposed to be called Fuck Fairyland. But that might have been a bit too crude, ..then again knowing this series. )
We begin as we usually do with this series, with scenes of unimaginable violence off screen  and a narrator getting  killed in the conflagration.  

Unfortunately, this is the third time we only get to see the fallout of a huge fight with everything being  dead
The cliffhanger of issue 2 lied to us !
Again  !
Curses  !!!
But after that and the maiming  and killing of yet another innocent narrator, the story actually gets moving again  !
Even Cloudia  can't really believe Gertrude got away  ...again.
So higher powers  are invoked.
A convergence of the council  !!!!!

Which take  place in a  talking tree, with a rather uppity and high  opinion of it self  who only allows Cloudia  to meet the council,  whence the  password has been spaketh ! 
It's pizza btw.
The tree it self, can't help but remind me of the great Deku tree, from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. Which is probably what Young was going for anyway.    

Anyway, after entering the great and  bombastic Barque, we see the council  !
Who are a bunch of weirdo's and losers and the flying  pig or maybe a brother from the one whom we saw earlier in issue 1.
We also get  an explanation why Gertrude is  invicbrue  !  ..err invincible. 
She is a guest.  
And no guest shall be harmed, (  outright  ) in Fairyland. 
So Cloudia proposes to do something about this, by inviting another child in to  Fairyland.
What's really amazing is that it took them  TWENTY SEVEN  YEARS  !!!  to think this up. 
But then again, it is taking Gertrude, TWENTY SEVEN YEARS  as well to find the damn key, so it all balances out. 

This may explain what happens after this sequence, where Gertrude falls of  a tree  bridge and lies there for upward of  a year ! 
The sequence that follows  is either brilliant or lazy padding.
Possibly both.  

8 pages of  two vertical panels, which show  the same image of Gertrude lying out cold, possibly even more brain damaged. 
While  the passage of time is shown with Larry building a house in the background, raising a  family. 
Getting divorced, setting fire tot he house and getting righteously drunk.  
Before Gertrude wakes up when she hears obnoxious saccharine singing.
Gertrude also for some reason grows a fetching green beard. 

Nor am I sure  if this is a brilliant way to show that  at least a  whole year has  passed and to show Larry's laiz a faiz attitude towards Gertrude. 
IE, he cares about her to a degree, but not too much. 
Or if its just laziness by Skottie Young  and  just there  to  set up a lame punch line, when Gertrude wakes up.
The passage does eat up  8 pages of the generous  28  page count.  

And then we get a new character
Happy the new child  and she  waltzes right in to Gertrude  ! 
It's been just a day and she is already on her way to  finding the key. 
...Gertrude  responds to this as well as  can be expected  and gets a  rainbow  beam of death to the face.

I already want to strangle Happy. She is overly happy, bubbly and annoying. I am sure that was the point and that she is meant to be overly annoying .
 ( Her design is also vaguely rabbit like and I don't like rabbits, cartoon or otherwise. ) 
As such she fits PERFECTLY  in Fairyland. 
Unlike Gertrude, who was the odd one out  from the word go.
It's a bit suspect that Happy has so little difficulty in finding the key. 
Either Gertrude  is really bad at map reading. 
She had gotten almost zero help. 
Or Fairyland is conspiring against her and giving Happy a bit too much help in locating the key. 
I think that is much more  likely.   

The ending is .....oh. 
Well I didn't see that one coming. 
Gertrude looks very, very, very much  dead  (SPOILERS  !!! )  and  quite mangled too. 

And that's how issue 3 ends ! 
So will Gertrude come out of this uhm  ...alive  ?
Will she get out of it at all  ?
Well she better bloody do so, this mini is  5 issues long  and I want to see Happy getting an axe to the face ! 
I hope Young will provide. 

The ending is interesting, not just because Gertrude seemingly snuffs it. 
But also the implications, does this mean that the enchantment that  protected her from harm is lifted already  ?
Or can one visitor  harm another visitor  ?
It will be  interesting to see how Gertrude gets out of this one. 
Hopefully she wont  just  show up alive and well  at the start of issue  4

But we'll see when I get my hands on 4. 
Issue 3  is  more of the same  of what we got so far in this series.
Delirious fun with  a manic pace, as Gertrude runs roughshod through Wonderland again. 
However this time around the story is actually advanced beyond  general  fairytale character mutilation.  ( Which  is still great fun, because  most  people  will get  fed up with the  overly saccharine  sensibilities of  Wonderland analogues ) and we get some  awnsers. 
And well  Gertrude apparently dies, so there is that. 

How well will this series cope  with a dead protagonist ?
I'm sure we will find out.   

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