Saturday, 26 March 2016

Transformers New Avengers Cross over.

Transformers New Avengers Cross over. 

This crossover will be taking  place  during  issues 1 and  2  of  Escalation. 
IE, the issues  I am currently reviewing. 
I will however  not be reviewing this mini  series. 
Not just because I don't  like it.  (  I don't.  ) 
It's just a  pointless mini series that adds absolutely nothing to the  ongoing narrative of either  the  Transformers or  the New Avengers.
Neither series  even refers  to the  mini. 

Reviewing it, would  just be a waste of time and effort and  it would just be four  negative  reviews. 
Since Transformers Avengers doesn't even matter, 
there is very  little point in  reviewing it.

This is the only IDW Transformers series I wont  review. 
Save for  issues I don't  actually have  right now. 

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