Thursday, 29 October 2015

Digging For Gold ...And trouble...and ancient civilisations...and more trouble.

Say hello to the  digger sisters, Brittany and  Gina.
And they are sisters like any other,  though not  quite. 
Brittany is a lycanthrope,  Gina is an archaeologist in the Indiana Jones mold. Their father  is a sorcerer, their  grand father an undead lich, hellbent on destroying them all. And their mother Julia. lost  in a different plane of existence.
And that's just the start  of the  first volume of  Gold Digger.
The second series I will be reviewing  from start to finish  and  another series that has been  the work of one man. 
In this case, Fred Perry.  

This is another action  adventure  series with a comedic slant,  but  under the  sometimes juvenile  comedy  and  totally out of left field  and silly situations, that can only happen in this comic.  
There is an  emotional centre and  the comis can be surprisingly thoughtfull,  and mature. 
And it then follows it up  with a panties joke. 
Because that' s how this comic rolls. 
It may not be to everybody's taste,  but  its a  fun  action adventure romp  with emphasis on  fun and  adventure, even if there are dark undercurrents at times.
And because of the humorous slant, these dark undercurrents hit that much harder when they do surface. 
But on the whole, just  sit back and enjoy the ride.  

This series however is slightly different, because  you  can  read along with me. 
For one reason or another,  Perry decided to release all previous  199  issues for free. 
Free to download. 
Free to read. 
The link to the Antarctic Library  is on the inside cover of every  Gold Digger, since issue  200  so feel free to have a peek 
In fact,  you can find it right here:
As for me, this is the series I have the most  versions of. 
Not just  the PDF comics. 
But also  trade paper backs, 
Gold bricks,  (  Huge  books that collect  30 or more  comics.  )
and  a good chunk of the  monthly issues themselves. 
So enough for me, to choose from. 
We wil be  following the original  mini series, the  first  50 issues of  the  black and white series  and the  150  issues of the  color series. 
The color series has been released every month  since  1999,  like clock work. 
And the series is still running  with  issue  230  being released  recently. 

Next up  : More Then Meets The Eye


  1. I'm impressed that this series had run so long. I was aware of it, but knew nothing about it, nor about its longevity. Good for Fred Perry! I look forward to your reviews to see what it's all about. I'll try to check out the library at some point, but I have so much backlogged to read right now, I'm not sure when I'll get to it...

    1. I can only name a few series that have run as long as this one.
      And even fewer that are the work of one person.
      The Savage Dragon and Cerebus, come to mind now.
      Cerebus has gone off the rails though, about half way through.

      Both The Dragon and Gold Digger, are closing in on the 300 issue run of Cerebus.

      I have quite the back log as well, beyond these ahem 500 + comics.