Sunday, 18 October 2015

Here We Are Now

Entertain us  ?
So here we are then, after  thinking  long and hard about it.
I have decided  to  bite the bullet and  launch this blog. 

The  purpose of this  blog, is  to  review three  long running and still running comic book series. 
Partially because so far  I havent seen any other  blogs tackling them. 
And partially because I want to see how far  i can get. 

So, what are these long running comic books then  ?
The Savage Dragon  by  Erik Larsen   ( 1992-now)

Gold Digger  by  Fred Perry  ( 1991- now )

and finally,  IDW  Transformers.  ( 2005- now  ) 

An most unusual line up, I am sure  you will agree.  

That's well over  500  comics,  spanning  well over  20  years  of comics. 

..wish me luck. 
I have  a  some what regular schedule in mind, where I'll be alternating between  series to keep things  from becoming boring. 
If you care to follow me, we will see how far we can get.  

Next up:  Introductions  !  

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