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Gold Digger 02

Gold Digger 

Summary :
Brittany, Gina and genn  have to find their way out  of the temple, but it's never  quite that simple is it ?
All the major exits  are guarded by  death traps, while the  only  trap free path is guarded  by  the beast of Caerbannog  !  ...Or something similar. 
While the  curse  piles misfortune on and on and with the beast of Caerbannog in hot pursuit, can  the sisters escape with their lives  ?!

...Well this is still an ongoing series  you know  ?

And you can read along by getting issue 2 here
Best way to read it, is to download .  Comic-rack
And install  Ghostscript

Notes :
The beast  of Caerbannog  !!  will be back  !

Credits: Writer \artist : Fred Perry. 
Editor : Ben Dunn.   

Review  :

Gold Digger 2  has one of my favourite covers of the series. 
Not because of  Brittany's  dubious clothing,  but I mostly  like the pose and how she bemusedly  looks at the crab in her hands.
We get to a look in to one of Brittany's dreams, which is, uhmm interesting.
And Gina  watches along  helped with Genn's  esp, much to Brittany's disgust. 
I don't blame her.
It once again  reinforces the sister dynamic between the two. But Gina  takes up the bratty  annoying  role,  that's usually reserved for younger sisters. Brittany is the younger one here. 
But the dream on display here, is kinda risqué for a series that  tries to bring the cheese cake  (  and occasional beefcake ) But  also  censors it self  and  doesn't  use swear words.
Its a bit of an odd  dichotomy, because this comic is obviously not aimed at children. 
...Not young children anyway. 

We don't get to see much of the curse as of yet. But Gina explains that it snowballs. It starts off small and escalates, until it becomes so ridiculous, the Hubble chooses their foreheads to crash upon. 
And Brittany's shorts are sagging, which is an early indication of the  curse
and sadly a plot point. 
Off course  after  all the traps have been activated, last issue all exits have a huge amount of traps around them. 
And Genn's magic cant help them. There is only one  exit  that  isn't guarded by  any traps and that's  guarded by a most terrifying  guardian. The worst of them all  ! 
It's also 5 inches tall. 
Naturally  they choose for that  one and things  go as well as  you expect them to be, 
with the guardian being a mouse  !

The mouse guardian that turns out to be fearsome, has NOTHING  to do with the Beast of Caerbannog from Monty Python and The Holy Grail, y'hear  ?!
Nothing  !  *   ( *lie)

Back in the USA, we get another look at the Diggers mansion. 
Take a good look, because while it looks fairly normal here, it wont stay normal like that  for long. 
And a new sub plot  and character as if  the sisters don't have  problems enough as it is. 
It's the high priestess  of  El Dorado, who would have been Strype's partner if he had not chosen one before, becoming king.
Yes how dare he have a free will and a mind of his own, eh  ?
As you can tell, this is not a plot point of a story in general, in any form, I care much for. 
Hopefully Perry  wil do something interesting with it.
Though the priestess  muttering  to her self and  cursing Brittany, for daring to be not home while she lies in wait is amusing. These two pages are mostly  a waste of time and effort. 

Back in Iran, things go from bad to worse. The mouse is trashing them 
and their bad luck escalates  and I didn't notice until now that Nrittany's Nike's  have  ...bunny tails on their ends.  ..I bet  their are pink and white too. 
As if the Monty Python  reference isn't made clear enough, the Digger sisters and Genn turn tail  with a  RUN AWAY  !!!  Not unlike King Arthur and his most valiant knights. 

What follows is ridiculous, hilarious over the top  deranged  and  so very much this comicbook. 
The stairs to  freedom  !! (  ahem  )  prove to be booby trapped or at least not curse proof and collapse. 
The grappling gun fizzles out.
The deamon can throw fireballs  !!!  
The nylon cord, which can carry 3000 pounds snaps. 
As Gina and Brittany fall, Gina activates her  balloon back pack  and it  gets wedged in between  two walkways and bounces them back up. 
Brittany uses the  gun  as a  grapple and they finally get  somewhat save and sound to the other side.
And through it all  they  are remarkably unconcerned about falling to their death they just argue about  their misfortune. Even commenting about how deep this  temple is.

This sequences is ridiculously hilarious, with  fluid action.  In animated from it would be  gorgeous, but even  in comic form it's glorious. 
The curse is already kicking in to effect  and getting worse by the second. 

The sequence after  that one is a bit  more so. 
Mostly because  the  black arms dealers are back again and Nrittany falls flat on her face  because her shorts slipped again. 
The car not starting however and Brittany's  reaction to that, which kick stars the car is what  you could expect  from  a comic that riffs of  cartoon cliché's. But its still funny even if it's expected. 

We also learn that Genn has no true gender and as a shape shifter can be whatever he wants to be. Male, Female, his normal form  or  something more playgirl worthy, 
which kicks Gina's hormones off.
And we  end with  Brittany  getting off another insult,  in the form of "You nerdy basket of raging biological urges  !!!"
...Bit wordy  for Brittany, especially  considering how her personality  becomes  more valley girl as we progress. 
And  it doesn't hold a candle to "Shrimpy nerd based  heap of hormones"   but  its still in the same vein. 
Genn being gender fluid is  only briefly touched upon and  doesn't play much of an role in the stories to come. But its an interesting notion  that shapeshifters don't have any  gender, that's rarely touched upon in any comic. 

Issue 2  is  better then issue 1,  but it doesn't introduce  the new reader to much of anything. You are just expected to pick things up as they go along. 
It's still fast paced, but  lingers a bit too much on the tomb. I don't really care much for tombs  in any sort of  fiction.
Now temples, especially of doom on the other hand  !
I could have done with out the dropping shorts gag or the  black arms dealers again,  but  at least we never get to see them again. 
As things  go by in a breath taking fast pace, you get the feeling that the  24 pages of the comic can barely contain everything Perry wants to tell. 
And this is just  part  2 of a 4 parter. 
Probably a  hold over from the  mini series. Curse actually feels more like a mini series on its own, then  an ongoing.
And maybe it was before Perry decided to go in the monthly ongoing direction. 
Which may explain why a single page, with a hohum storyline was inserted. 
Or maybe I'm just wrong and what we see was always the intent. 

Grave Digger. 
Sounds lovely doesn't it  ?

Oh and incidentally, yes that is the Thundercats sword of omen that gets  skragged  there 

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