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Gold digger 03

Gold digger  3


The bad luck curse is slowly getting out of hand, while the sisters do their best  to deal with it.
Gina by hunkering down to find a solution  and Brittany by shopping, something must be done about it
Gina surmises that she might have a solution by siphoning the curse off and injecting it in to  inert bio plasm, where it wil remain and unable to harm them

But  as  usual,   the best laid  plans of  geniuses and lycantropes oft go awry.

And you can read along by getting issue 3 here.

Best way to read it, is to download Comic-rack.
And install Ghostscript

Notes:  First  appearance of  "Gravedigger"

credits : Credits: Writer \artist : Fred Perry. 
Editor : Ben Dunn.   

Review  :
This is a great issue. It may be in fact the best issue of the series thus far. 
That may not say much, considering this is issue  3, but if you  include the mini series and I do, we are at  7 now. 
And this is so far, the series at it's zenith. 
The story is interesting and gripping, the mystery the issue opens with is genuinely  intriguing.
Everybody's  personality is on display. Nobody acts out of character, there is humor  but  unlike  the previous issues, it's not forced. It's not there for a popular culture joke or a reference. The humor comes from the characters and it flows naturally from the story 
and the story is serious when it has to be and  it's humorous when  there is need for levity.
Which makes the humor work better and we, the reader take the serious parts of the  story much more serious as a result, because the humor doesn't over ride  the story  and doesn't come over as forced.
The balance between characterisation, humor, seriousness, pathos and action is pitch perfect in issue 3. 
But sadly, it's so perfect Perry couldn't keep it up for long.

The majority of the comic is concerned with the cold, in media res opening  and the mystery of the new character. Who she is and what she is doing there.
She calls her self grave digger at the end  of  issue 3 and that wont be her actual name, but its easiest to refer to her by that right now. 
Grave digger  will become a  major, major character  in this series. Even if her actual creation is a bit iffy and you need to tilt your head a bit. But comics and sciencem so you wil just have to take it as it is.
 And in this comic everything is possible. 

She is a combination of Gina and Brittany, but not quite. She, over time will get her own personality and quirks. 
Right now however, she only wants to kill Brittany and Gina whom she refers to as mother.
This is part of the curse, which is the whole reason why she was created to begin with,
like I said, comic book science.
She is a side effect of removing the curse. The original idea was to mask Gina and Brittany's presence from the curse and it would move to the bio electric protoplasm, where  it would remain trapped and harmless.
But the process released a backlash of pyschic energy, that imprinted it self on the bio plasm and gave it shape and a personality. 

Gravedigger in other words, well that would give anybody issues. 

But other then parts of Brittany and Gina's personality, she also  has  their weaknesses.  Such as Brittany's tendency to become over confident and sloppy, when she thinks her  opponent is weaker. 

Issue 3 is the most traditional comic book like in this series so far, but in this story it  works to it's strengths. 
The in media res nature and the flash backs as well as Gravediggers journey to self discovery, also  gives Perry a reason to explain the set up of the comic and tell us who everybody is. 
Issue 3 is so far the most reader friendly.  A bit late 7 issues into the series as a whole, but if this is nr 7 for you, you don't need a primer. But for any new comer issue 3  would be the first stop.   
And everybody gets some character beats to establish who they are. 
Gina is a nerdy shrimp based bucket of hormones, working on trying to figure out how to get rid of the curs.e
Brittany tries to  assuage her worries, by shopping and later issues will show her to become a  shopaholic.
She also has a ponytail this issue, which I like a lot more then the dumpy hair style she normally has in the black and white  issues. 
Even Genn gets some character beats, as he adjust to life in the  modern age  and  detects Gravediggers deception when they first meet her.
He also  briefly shifts gender again and becomes female. But not much is done with it, other then the fact that Genn has to wear Gina's clothes.

Regardless, issue 3 is a great issue. There are no subplots just  the  4 current main characters, because the story is strong enough to stand on it's own. 
Can issue 4 keep it up  ?

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