Thursday, 31 December 2015

Gold Digger Color Remix Issue 4

Gold Digger Color Remix Issue 4 

Summary :
While Armageddon stands around bwahahahahing down in Atlantis. 
Gina uses the lull  in the  action and the  24 hour deadline  to  formulate a  plan to counteract the nefarious and dastardly and just plain no good Gyphon.
They involve flowers. 
And  the solution  comes with almost  insultingly  comical  ease.
Meanwhile, Brittany nearly puts Strype into traction during a  training  exercise and Strype feels somewhat inadequate compared to her. Though does manage to get on well with her father, doctor\ professor Diggers. 
Whom seems to like Strype more, then previous suitors. 
Eventually to  deal with  Gyphon and his dastardly  plans, the Diggers sisters and Strype have to  travel  to  the garden of Eden, to harvest the flowers they need.
But there are guard dogs, literal guard dogs in the form of werewolves.
things once again go downhill from there  

Notes :
Release date  : 1 march 1991
This issue is once again 34  pages.
This is the last issue of  Gold Digger, until June 93 with the start  of  the ongoing. 
First appearances of :
Dr Diggers, in the flesh, 

Credits :
Story\Art: Fred Perry
Color : Guru FX
Editor : Doug Dlin

Review  :
And Armageddon  still does nothing  ! ( Even though he  has set an ultimatum to  have the princess and her allies brought before him for nefarious  ends  !   And a million dollars.  )
But this time that's alright, because that's the joke. 
It's not so much as an apocalypse as the slowest moving apocalypse. The crapocalypse, as it were, which  gets taken out in the  most ridiculously hilarious way possible. 
Death by flowers from the garden of Eden ! 
No, Armageddon isn't  the  real  threat here. 
..Issue 3  could have made that  more clear. 
Nor is he the real focus,  the characters  sleep through the whole crisis and don't seem to be in a  real hurry to deal with  Gyphon's  latest little  trick. 
And it gets more and more ridiculous, which is the  point,  because  this is a humor  series and issue 4  really drives that  point home.  

Instead we see Gina's father  Theodore Diggers  and delve more in to  Brittany's  obsession with Strype, as well as Strype's doubts about this relationship. 
Which is an  good idea to put the brakes on it a bit, because things have gone so  fast and so hard that Brittany honestly seems a bit overbearing  and desperate through out.
I am going to suck every bit of tension out of this right now. 
After this minor wave, Strype makes his mind up and  those two will never ever waver  again. 

The  highpoint of the comic however is the introduction of the two werewolves, Jetta and her husband Thabain  and the absolutely  bone crunching  fight that follows. Where  Gina, Strype and Brittany are  outclassed and overmatched and still manage to hold their own, if barely. 
The two werewolves even have  a reason to be there, to be  literal guard dogs of the  garden of Eden  and they perceived  Brittany as a threat. 
Jetta's  zeal  was a bit off putting though.  

Armageddon continues his crapocalypse  and it ends it the most hilariously ridiculous  way possible.
 Gyphon's death by  flowers as he  bwahahahah's his way  to victory.  

Brittany threatens to  tear up Gina's  pin ups and Jetta wonders w y her husband, never  picks her  flowers while they live in the garden of Eden.  

Absolutely brilliantly ridiculous. 
Issue 2 was  slightly off,  issue 3 is a misstep,  but   issue 4 redeems the series to it's  former gloriously silly self, with an amazing action scene to boot. 

And finally  the  original 1993  cover  from Comicvine 


  1. "Büm" may be the greatest sound effect I've ever seen.

    Interesting Perry took two years off before starting the ongoing. I wonder why?

    1. Actually that's my mistake.
      The original mini is from late 1992 till early 1993.
      And it was bi monthly.

      Because my comics are the color remix and the covers proudly proclaimed the 15th anniversary, of Gold Digger from 1991 till 2006, I ASSUMED the original mini was from 1991.
      And the last editorial of the 2006 version also said that Perry was in The Marines at the times.
      So I figured he did his tour of duty for 2 years and then started the on going. This is not true, because like an idiot I didn't do my research.

      According to Wikipedia and several other sources.
      Perry got the inspiration for Gold Digger during his tour of duty in the First Gulf War.
      He released a one shot in 1991.
      The mini series followed in 1992.
      And then the ongoing series in 1993, so there was no gap.
      I never even heard of the one shot and that's what validates the 1991 anniversary date