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I Hate Fairyland 2 Review

I Hate Fairyland  2

Writer\artist  Skottie Young
Colors : Jean Francois Beaulieu
Letterer : Nate Piekos

Summary  :
Gertrude  has gotten away  from the  huntsman at the end of  issue 1,  (  I'm sure nobody is surprised there  )  while trying to drown her sorrows and  pickup frog princes and toting around a decapitated head. 
Frog princes are apparently put off by  decapitated heads. 
Gertrude wishes she could be normal for one day  and  her wish is  granted by wishing ale. 
It's not what Gertrude had hoped for.  

Cloudia takes the news that  Gertrude has gotten away  without a scratch  and absconded with the huntman's head, as well as can be expected  and decides to raise the stakes. 
By employing her horrible sister, the horrible witch Horribella to kill Gertrude. 
Horribella  surmises that Gertrude's path, which takes her through the giggle giants  and she will end up in faun valley. 
Things as usual go downhill from there, as Gertrude and Larry are accosted by a horde of faun of the dead. 

Notes :
It's still Alice In Wonderland on acid. 
Food in  Fairyland is apparently sugar with sugar, and more sugar.
Diabetic tumors may occur 
Decapitated huntsmen heads, can not be used to pick up frog princes. 
Horribella is a witches witch, a proper  mein eyes the goggles do nothing  !!, witch.  


And  we continue to follow Gertrude and Larry on their merry maiming  way. 
Sadly we don't get to see how Gertrude  deals with the huntsman, but it wasn't much of a cliffhanger to begin with, since it was the first fluffing  issue  and Gertrude is so far  indestructible. 
Now if this is because she is  indestructible, because of plot contrivance,  (  IE the protagonist always wins. )  If its a plot point or  she is actually indestructible in Fairyland.  I have no idea, but  on the whole  Gertrude seems to be able to  take down  impressive  opponents with impunity. 
Which the hilariously wrong spread in this issue shows including a clearly  shell shocked rising sun, who has lost it's sunny disposition.  ...wait.
Unfortunally so far we don't really get to see Gertrude taking  these impossible  antagonists, down unless chomping on shrooms counts.
While an indestructible  protagonist can be boring,  half  if not most of the fun is seeing a foul mouthed  angry,  Alice Liddel analogue tear a bloody swath through a  saccharine  fairytale world. 
We all get fed up with  the over the top syrupy  saccharine overtones of certain stories, at times. 
I mean I'm not the only one that gets fed up with Disney or Nintendo antics, right  ?
Right ?
..Fluff my life.  

By the way remember what  I said that Fairyland  induces diabetes ? Apparently  Young  was thinking along the same lines, because Gertrude briefly turns in to a  gob dinged  diabetes  tumor monster that doesn't look like Tetsuo from Akira at all  !!! *  After drinking  special wish beer, served by a  polka dotted care bear of all things. 
But she gets better. 
Speaking of Carebears, Cloudia the  disgruntled  ruler of Fairyland  per her name lives in  something that  looks like it belongs  in  the Carebears, but then again so does she.
Via her we are introduced to the evil with Horribella, who does look  horrible  and ticks all the  prerequisites of  evil witches.
And in true Wizard of Oz style, she is  green. 
And probably Cloudia's sister, because  these kind of characters always  are.
I have no idea what Horribella was about to  drop in her cauldron, just as Cloudia  called her.
But I want to see it get dropped in there. 

Horribella sets in motion the faun of the dead part of the comic. 
And another cliffhanger and this time, Gertrude might actually be in danger  !
Might being keyword.  
As she and Larry are about to be overrun by a veritable horde of  faun of the dead. 

It also shows just how damaged Gertrude is after 27  years of  questing for her key.   Because she appears  to give no  fluffing fluff about a brain lying  in  the  road with a bite out of it.  ( Don't worry in context of the comic it all makes sense. ) 

Issue 2 is still as deliriously funny as  issue 1, especially because  Gertrude is still as  hostile violent and unlikable as before.
However there is a little niggle I am wondering about,  especially when she goes on about what's so great about her world.  IE the real world,  in her  quest for the key  !  Yes, that key.
What exactly does she plan to do when she gets  back home ?
She has  aged  27  years, so it's reasonable to assume  that 27  years have passed  in the  real world too, ..well as reasonable as anything in this comic. 
And if so what exactly does she expect to do then  ?
And if it hasn't, Gertrude has changed,  she has  mentally aged for  27  years. 
This is off course assuming Gertrude ever gets back, which I don't expect her too. 
And probably thinking  a bit too deep  about this comic, which really doesn't invite  such ruminations.

Issue 2 also  feels much  like an issue of two halves and it seems to  go by much faster, as it shifts gears several times. 
It's a ridiculously funny gory destructive romp through fairytales, just as the previous issue. 
And  like the previous  issue  highly recommended.
In other words, read the fluffing thing. 

Oh and hey, the  narrator moon is back too but, he is  only half the moon he used to be.  

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