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Golddigger Color Remix Issue 3

Golddigger  Color Remix  


In Atlantis  everybody present  readies themselves, to combat Armageddon.  Garen, Ace   Strype Penny and the others use a magical portal  to fight Armageddon from the inside, literally by teleporting in to his body.  
While Brittany  will  go looking for her sister , with some help from the spellcasters.

Speaking of Gina she finds her self  naked in a bed and sharing  that bed. 
Gina  respond  ...appropriately  and nearly has his eye out, before he can explain himself. 
He found her on the slope of the mountains and had to remove her clothes, what little she had on anyway,  because wet clothing is cold clothing.  She was  in  threat of going in to hypodermic shock and  his  bed wasn't enough to warm her up. So he had to use his own body to save her live. 
The city she collapsed  near by is Shangri La.  

In the body of  Armageddon, Strype Garen and the others are under attack of  the antibodies. Until Penny figures something out and on a hunch has Taris  cut  a  cable. 
The antibodies disappear as fast as they  appeared. 
Penny figured that Armageddon is still a robot, so the antibodies were  controlled by  a  signal, they just cut the signal. 

Meanwhile Mesha  has exhausted  her  magic for the day and lets the other spell casters  keep the portal open and  enquires from Cheetah if that's her real name.
Cheetah explains that she and a friend used to play super heroes when they were kids and cheetah was her super hero name and the name stuck. 

In Shangri la, Gina makes her way to the  library. Her savior happens to be the librarian. Which is remarkably efficient  and  a wealth of  arcane knowledge including  immortality in six easy steps  (  who knew  ? ) and  the horrible secrets to the universe and how to use them.
Turns out Gyphon was the last  person who  checked the book out. (  And returned it in time how nice of him. ) But  during an altercation  Gyphon banished empress Lynn to  the plane of oblivion,  the librarian  managed to  teleport him out  but empress Lynn was  lost forever.  (  Yeah, right.  )

Back in Armageddon's body in a moment of  quiet near the power source, Ace tells  Strype some of the exploits  of Gina and Penny and the bad blood between them. 
Penny explains that Gina invited her in because  she would have followed anyway and Gina wants to keep an eye on her.
She accompanies them  because there is safety in numbers.
Just at that moment the  power core stirs.
Armageddon is starting to move and because it is able to absorbed all the energy  of the destruction it causes, it will at one point be  unstoppable  !!! (bwahahahahahah  ..ahem  )
She defences of  Atlantis are slowing  Armageddon, down but  cant stop him. 

The librarians name turns out to be khan and Gina has plans for him.  Sadly those plans are short changed by  the return of  empress Lynn (  le gaspu ! ) who challenges  Gina to a duel to the death  !
Which turns out to  be a Street fighter parody. 
Gina dressed as Ryu  and  Lynn as M Bison.  
The fight predictably goes badly for Gina, until Brittany interferes and despite some foul play  on Lynn's side  easily dominates the fight.
Gina and Brittany  return to Atlantis with a stack of  ancient books, via a portal generator.  ( how useful  )

Atlantis is unable to repell Armageddon and is evacuating more and more  people  as  Gina and  Brittany return 
Gyphon suddenly contacts Atlantis a magic  reflection, as it turns out he isn't dead  ( Big surprise right ?)
Instead  Armageddon absorbed him, instead of killing him.  
And if they wish Atlantis to survive, princess Tyr and her allies will  surrender by the end of the next day.
Or  the waters around Atlantis will turn crimson instead  !!!

Dun dun duhhhh  ! 

Notes  : The third  ancient city we visit, well Gina visits is Shangri la. 
Tanis fins are  supposed to be  attractive, his are sharp because he is a guard. 
This issue is  34 pages.
Penny and Gina's rivalry is long  and bitter and slightly petulant and childish. 

Review :
Remember what  I said about manic pace  ?
Well  issue 3 really goes in to  overdrive.
This issue is the breaking  point of the story, it doesn't even have a spiffy title anymore. 
And it shows that  this  should have been a five or six parter. The summary is almost longer then the review and I had to  cut chunks out as it is.    
Even worse, most of it is  surrendered to  Gina's  story, which while interesting comes over as  contrived and is a Street Fighter parody. 
While the main threat  in  the form of Armageddon fused with Gyphon is relegated  to  making a few appearances. 
But he doesn't really do much. 
Gina and Brittany do continue their snarky relationship.  ( Nerd, Igor. ) 
And Brittany is wonderfully snarky. 
We also learn more  about Brittany's childhood, during  the  invasion of Atlantis no less  That's how marginalised  the Atlantis storyline is, Brittany had time to sit down and tell  Mesha  about her childhood  and Cheetah nickname. 

While this isn't inherently bad  its  also very, very compressed  and  it just marginalises the threat of  Gyphon and Armageddon even more.
We also get to hear about Gina and Penny's adversarial relationship which gets weirder and more hilarious with each flash back. 
They seem to dispise each other, but not to such an extent they are willing to let the other die or kill the other.
At least I don't think so.  

Most of the issue is  given over to Gina's predicament and that Street Fighter parody,   which is  a time waster at best.
And a cheap way  to  get  access  to  a library, filled with unimaginable  resources. 
Gold Digger is mostly action and adventure, with a large  emphasis on the humor. But in this case the humor falls a bit flat and is detriment to the story.
A  library  like Shangri La's is  relegated to a gag, instead of an  important plot point.   
Brittany gets in a few good insults though, (  shrimpy nerd based heap of hormones)  but on the whole, it takes up  time and space that could have been  given to the Armageddon threat. Which does a whole lot of nothing this issue.
Issue 3 is oddly paced with far too many distractions.
It has enough material to fill  two issues and  the main storyline  suffers from the  diversions. 
While the  diversions give  more exposure  to the  main characters, IE Gina and Brittany.  They just seem to be wedged in there, while Armageddon's attack is either delayed or reduced to a few panels here  and  there. 
This, again should have been a  five or six parter. 
But at least issue 4  picks up the slack, even if it's  pace is even more break neck.  

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